You alone are responsible for your physical, mental and emotional health. Living a healthy lifestyle is not linear and you will go through certain phases while experiencing different challenges in your life.

Try not to judge yourself and keep in mind we all experience ups and downs.

If you are feeling less than motivated these days or need some suggestions as to how you can improve your health, check out my top 101 (yes 101!!) fitness tips.

Tips to lose body fat

1. Replace one meal every day with a BAS (Big ass salad)

2. Have 1-2 days a week where you try intermittent fasting (14-16 hour window)

3. Cook dinner for yourself 5/7 nights a week or bring lunch with you to work every day

4. Cut out alcohol or limit it to 2 nights per week

5. Make sure you are following a progressive strength training program

6. Consistency wins over perfectionism

7. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it

8. Have a vegetable at every meal

9. Fruits are nature's candy- enjoy them!

10. Eat at least 20g of fiber per day

11. Get a squatty potty!

12. Wake up and move for 20 minutes

13. Cut out added sugars and fruit juices. (Anything other than coffee & water)

14. Drink 8oz of seltzer water before every meal

15. Walk more often

16. Share a dessert rather than ordering one just for yourself

17. Meal prep for the week

18. Skip the bread when dining out

19. Track what you are eating in My Fitness Pal or My Macros

20. Cook at home more often

21. Put your fork down while when chewing

22. Avoid processed foods

23. Pack lunch and snacks with you every day

24. Drink 2-3 liters of water every day

25. For every coffee, you have, drink one glass of water

26. Set a protein goal to hit every day

27. Take the stairs

28. Try a new class

29. Hire a coach

30. Find a workout buddy

31. Set a strength focused goal like being able to do 20 pushups straight by….

32. Wake up and have 8oz of water first thing

33. Take fish oil and probiotics

34. Try not to exceed 300mg of caffeine a day

35. Get health check-ups at least 1x a year by your PCD (primary care doctor)

Tips to improve sleep

36. Cut caffeine after 3PM

37. Sleep 7-8 hours a night

38. Set your thermostat below 70 degrees

39. Turn off bright lights 2 hours before bed

40. Cut electronics out 2-3 hours before bed

41. Read a BOOK before bed

42. Take a hot bath

43. Wake up at the same time everyday

44. Go to bed at the same time everyday

45. Sleep naked

46. Have sex/masturbate before bed

47. Make it totally dark in your room

48. Get a sleep machine or white noise machine

49. Buy new pillows

50. Don’t sleep with your phone next to you

Tips to improve your workouts

51. Set new goals every three months

52. Set long term goals and short term goals

53. Follow a progressive strength training program

54. Lift weights at least 3 days a week

55. Train your legs!

56. Time your rest between sets

57. Practice good gym etiquette

58. Have a mix of lifting heavy and lighter weights

59. Change up your workouts every 6-8 weeks

60. Do cardio at least 1x a week

61. If you run, purchase some good sneakers

62. Do HIIT

63. Take a rest day at least 1x a week

64. Work up a sweat 4-5 times a week for 20-30 mins

65. Space out your workouts

Tips for your mental health

66. Meditate

67. Put your phone down

68. Have 30 mins of alone time everyday

69. Try deep breathing for 3 mins everyday

70. Take a vacation 1x every 3 months

71. Make time for your relationships

72. Do yoga

73. Call someone you love and tell them that you love them

74. Journal

75. List 3 things you are thankful for everyday

76. Make out with someone

77. Paint/sketch/doodle/draw

78. Dance like nobody's watching

79. Sing (loud)

80. Write a letter to someone. (optional) then burn it

81. Have daily mantras

82. Forgive people

83. Forgive yourself

84. Hire a therapist

85. Don’t focus on perfectionism, focus on consistency

Tips for your day today

86. Get a standing desk at work OR use Rad Rollers!! 

87. Ask for that raise

88. Take a risk

89. Walk/bike to work

90. Be polite

91. Give without any expectation of receiving

92. Learn something new

93. Explore!

94. Stay curious- ask questions

95. Don’t fear failure


97. Go sky diving

98. Ask that guy/girl/person out

99. Practice safe sex

100. Don’t be afraid to admit you are wrong

101. Try! Try harder and try again!

Do you have a fitness tip for me?

Leave one in the comments below!