Food preparing is something I firmly believe in and something I encourage my clients to do if weight loss is their number one goal. Personally, I like to plan out all my meals during the week and prepare some items to have on hand to make it easier to cook healthy meals during the week when I am running around and getting home late from work.

Rather than ordering Seamless, you can think ahead and plan a few "Meals on Deck", or simple meals that take little to no time to prepare.

Make sure to keep these ingredients in your cabinets so you can prepare them quickly, rather than reaching for or ordering something unhealthy.

If you are looking for a “meal plan”, think about 6-10 "Meals on Deck" you can easily have in your home during the week and BOOM- guess what? You have your meal plan.

Some of my clients' Meals on Deck consist of:

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt with a banana

  • A can of tuna and Marie's gone crackers

  • Egg omelet w/veggies and a piece of toast

  • Chicken with zucchini wok and half a bag of rice

  • Wraps with any lean beef or tofu.

  • Cottage cheese and fruit

  • Butter lettuce wraps and ground turkey.

  • Chickpeas and tuna.

  • Shrimp cocktail.

  • Protein powder, ice, nut butter, almond milk and a banana.

  • Peanut butter, jelly, and Ezekiel bread.

  • BAS- big ass salad with choice of protein.

  • Deli meat wraps with veggies

  • Portobello mushroom burger with lettuce and tomato

If you are able to identify one or two Meals on Deck for every type of meal; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you will have successfully made yourself your very own meal plan and are on the road to saving money and eating well.