Maybe you’ve fantasized about taking some really dope martial arts class but put the thought on the back burner because, well, let’s face it- martial arts is intimidating AF.

Coming from a background in athletics my entire life, I’ve always been the kid up for the next big challenge. “Try me” was always the motto.

In my adult life, I like to think that I’ve maintained that sense of adventure and wonder...except when it came to martial arts.

Martial arts has always been one activity I’ve held in most high regards and respect but could never bring myself to try.

The hours of practice, the perfectionism, the time, the discipline...I deemed it out of my league.

I was always intimidated by the idea of all martial arts, which resulted in me never taking the plunge to try any variation of it, despite my curiosity.

My go-to excuses:

  • Lack of accessibility
  • Lack of confidence

Hit house changed all that.

If traditional kickboxing and Muay Thai were to have a baby, it would spawn the class that is HIT House.

  • Nonstop sweating.
  • Nonstop moving.

I wore my heart rate monitor for my first class and my total calorie burn read 947.


Holy shit. I think I found my new favorite workout- just in time to get shredded for summer.

Upon my first time walking into HIT house, I was met by several smiling faces at the front reception desk. Everyone was ridiculously good looking. Ok...not a bad start I thought as I picked up my wraps and gloves.

The outer walls were lined with tasteful tees and the digital lockers neatly stacked against a wall for easy access and convenience for all class-goers.

I checked out the bathrooms before class and was pleasantly surprised to find everything I needed to shower and refresh after class stacked neatly on top of the clean beautiful bathroom counters. From hair ties, hair products, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and towels, HIT house makes it easy for you to tidy up after class and brisk yourself off to work feeling like you just shot your very own herbal essence commercial.

There’s a filtered water fountain which encourages reusable bottles which I love, no forced payment to purchase overpriced plastic water bottles at this studio + green friendly. So far, LOVING this place.

What really won me over more so than the efficiency of the class was how the instructor took all my fears and limiting beliefs of what I thought martial arts was and completely squashed them.

They clearly explained the punches, kicks, and elbows that are included in Muay Thai and how we would be executing them throughout the class. Awesome, now I knew exactly what to expect. Nerves officially at ease.

The fifty-minute class is broken up in the middle with an ab-intermission but the rest of the class is just you and Bishop.

Bishop is the most unique punching bag I have ever seen and it’s exclusive only to Hit House.

SO FRIGGIN COOL! Ok, now I’m officially obsessed!

What makes Bishop so unique is the fact it’s designed & tailored specifically for this class.

As Tyler Scott, owner and creator of Hit House describes,

“Bishop is much easier on the shins and knuckles than a traditional heavy bag. Bishop is made with a dense foam and doesn’t swing from a chain, rather it bends and flexes with your strikes so you’ll be able to throw more full powerful combinations and really improve your technique.”

It took five years for Tyler to formulate the perfect punching bag that would become Bishop. It was worth the wait. Bishop is literally the perfect punching bag for this class and ideal for beginners like myself!

The music is on point with a great mix of 90’s hip-hop mashed with today’s pop.

  • High energy.
  • High volume.
  • Mixed with non-stop sweating.

The instructor offered great feedback on form the entire class while walking around and correcting people. He never missed a beat and the 50-minute class flew by in what felt like a blink of an eye.

I walked out of class with a newfound sense of accomplishment and pride. Sweating, with my heart still racing full of adrenaline, I realized Hit House had done it. After 32 years, they managed to take my martial arts V-card.

I couldn’t be more excited to pop this cherry. Check out Hit House class schedule here. I hope to see you around the Bishop soon. 

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