It’s that time of year again and that means temptation is all around us. During this time of year, we have to anticipate being thrown off our everyday routine. Life is all about a balancing act and if you anticipate certain things coming your way, you will be able to make better decisions instead of quick spur of the moment ones. In my opinion, there is no point in working so hard throughout the year if we can’t enjoy ourselves every once in a  while! Moderation and anticipation is key.

There are some smart ways you can anticipate these holiday temptations and different tactics you can do to avoid really going off the deep end.

Here are my top 7

1. Stop the guilt and the self negative talk!

Even if you eat well over your macros, even if you get so wasted you can't get out of bed the next day- do not beat yourself up and feel guilty about it. We are human and if in the moment you enjoyed it and it felt right, then do not relive it over and over again and beat yourself up about it. This won;’t get you anywhere and will in fact mentally keep you in a funk. You did it- it’s over. Move on.

2. Stay hydrated

Traveling is one of the most important times to stay hydrated! Especially when flying- we can retain a lot of water which can make us feel bloated and gross. Drinking adequate amounts of water will help stay hydrated, healthy, can help fight off hunger and prevent you from overeating later.

3. Try to continue to move everyday

It doesn't have to be a regimented workout either! Sure it can be a bodyweight workout- but how about a walk, a hike, a swim? Try to continue to move everyday.

4. Offer to cook

Offer to cook something during holiday dinner so you are not going into things completely blind. (you will also have the opportunity to know exactly what went into your foods, how much oils and spices were used, etc).

5. Stay prepared and aware

Anticipate hunger strikes by bringing a snack you can have before a big dinner instead of digging into the easily accessible chip bowl at family meals. So don’t go to Aunt Pat’s starving if you know she has junk out all day and into the night. Anticipate temptation!

6. Try to limit carbs on days you know you will be drinking alcohol

Not only does this ensure a quicker buzz (haaaayyyy) but limiting carbs will also allow you to drink less thus consuming less calories. Try to balance a glass of water after your second drink so the hangover in the AM isn’t too bad. Stick to clear spirits or wine and limit the beer and mixed sugary drinks.

7. Don’t skip out on your vitamin regimen

If you take vitamins or special supplements on a regular basis, don't let traveling throw you off your routine. Plan on bringing them with you to heed off sickness and keep your immunity up!

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Learn more about my affordable online training!