The Turkish Get Up is a functional total body dynamic movement that has huge emphasis on core strength, shoulder stability and leg drive.

It helps to develop a sense of body awareness throughout the body & forces you to actually slow down. I like using this exercise as a warm up or in a finisher towards the end of a workout.

Below I demonstrate the 1/2 TGU & the full TGU. If you’re a virgin to this move, I would suggest starting with the 1/2 get-up without weight & without the hip extension at the top. Master that, then add the hip extension (as shown here) and weight.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how the Turkish Get Up should play out and you can watch how to do it here.

Step 1️

Lie on your side and pull the weight tight. From there, roll to your back and press the weight up w/ one arm to a full and locked-out elbow.

Step 2️

If you're holding the bell with your left arm, the left foot should be flat on the floor with a bent knee. The other leg should be positioned straight out. Roll over onto your free elbow and pull yourself up, all with your arm raised and the weight still up over head. Transition from your forearm to your hand. Make sure the bell stays vertically over your shoulder. Focus on getting a strong hip extension to help propel you up onto your elbow.

Step 3️

Shift your weight over your hips so that you can lift your hand off the floor. You’ll be in a half kneeling position with the weight still pressed overhead.

Step 4️

With your core and hips braced, press up into a standing position and bring your feet together.

Step 5

Follow the steps in reverse.

Other tips

Slow it down! Practice on both right and left sides because there will definitely be a side that you find more difficult. Totally normal. Remember to BREATHE.

When it comes to this exercise, the emphasis should definitely be more on the quality of the reps, not the quantity. Start slow, master the steps above and then add more reps.

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