During pregnancy, you are advised by your doctor, friends and family to eat healthy. A nutrition dense diet keeps you and your baby healthy. A healthy diet ensures a healthy pregnancy, healthy labor and a beautiful, healthy baby.

Yes, pregnancy makes us gain weight, and after you have your baby you want to get back in shape, but there are no shortcuts to losing weight healthily. It is more important that your meals are loaded with nutrients, like macro and micros, even though you are no more ‘eating for two’.

Here, we share a few superfoods that we recommend you to include in your diet post diet meal plan.

1. Greens

Loaded with vitamin C and A, leafy green veggies are an absolute must for a new mother. Broccoli, kale, turnip greens, mustard greens, spinach, beans and other seasonal veggies are full of essential nutrients including iron and calcium that your body needs.

Greens are also low in calories and heart-friendly antioxidants. For the maximum benefit, make sure that your veggies are fresh! Mothers who are not very fond of greens can mix your greens in soups, in salads, in smoothies, with eggs, on a sandwich or as a side steamed

2. Nuts And Dry Fruits

A great munching snack, nuts and dry fruits are full of fiber, calcium, vitamins, zinc and copper. They can be highly helpful in your post pregnancy recovery period. You can consume them with your meals, add them in your smoothie and have them as your go-to snack, just make sure to watch your portions.  

We love cashews, almonds, walnuts and raisins, which are loaded with nutrients and will fuel you up. Dry fruits like apricots and prunes are ideal for those hunger pangs.

3. Eggs

A rich source of protein, there are various ways to consume eggs. You can have a sunny side up, a scrambled or a hard-boiled egg. Ideal for a filling breakfast, lunch salad or a quick dinner, eggs are full of vitamin A, B5, B2 and B12. They are also rich with vitamin E, K, B6 and vitamin D. Loaded with multiple nutrients, eggs are wonderful for a new mother, and baby to enjoy.

4. Blueberries

An absolute summer delight, blueberries are filled with the right amount of minerals, carbs and vitamins. Blueberries are full of antioxidants and are a great food to include in your post pregnancy diet.

You can consume them fresh or put them in various other recipes, like smoothies or i-on a sweet snack. Blueberries are a great alternative to sugary and unhealthy breakfast snacks and keep a check on your blood pressure, heart and maintain bone strength.

5. Lean Meat

Rich in protein, vitamin B12 and iron, lean meats will boost your energy level. Low on fat and calories, lean meat helps to heal your body after child birth.

Make sure that the meat has been washed thoroughly and is cooked properly. The cooked meat should also not be reheated more than once. Wash hands and the utensils which have come in contact with the meat.

6. Dark Chocolate

A healthy and realistic diet is all about balance. It is also okay to give into cravings and enjoy your favorite dark chocolate once in a while, but remember: portion control. Studies shown that dark chocolate can help restore flexibility to your arteritis and prevent blood clots.

Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet and stay active. If you have any questions about pre or post pregnancy fitness or nutrition, connect with Amanda.