Have you heard of the term “finisher?”

I use it a lot in my day to day while working one on one with my clients as well as in the videos I post on social media. I thought I’d actually address exactly what a finisher is and speak briefly about the benefits of doing one in your next workout.

🔹You get a quick ‘metabolic hit’  meaning your heart rate will definitely increase. So if you had anything left in the tank towards the end of your workout, doing a finisher will ensure you left the workout off on a high note.

🔹Potential to burn some fat. With an increased heart rate comes the potential of walking away from the workout increasing your overall EPOC- which stands for excess post oxygen consumption. The body theoretically needs to work harder to pump oxygen throughout your body thus leaving you using more energy and burning more calories.

🔹Improve cardio endurance. You can be rest assured your heart rate will be pumping higher and for a longer period of time so if you do these finishers often enough, you can build up some endurance and stamina from them.

🔹Get a quick pump before leaving the gym. If it’s the summer or if you have a photoshoot or basically feel a little more “fuller” post workout for whatever reason, doing a finisher will definitely provide you with that last little pump before leaving the gym.

Finishers are done after most of the ‘important’ work in your program so the point of them is to give you that feeling of being sweaty, tired but yet strong. They can be a great way to get that extra endorphin kick in before you end your workout.

Here are a couple of my favorite finishers you can start implementing on your own.