It’s no secret that the future of the fitness industry is virtual. Most fitness facilities and coaches have already incorporated technology into their facilities and programs. From wearable technology that monitors the heart rate and calories burned, to fitness apps where you can take virtual classes without leaving your home, the “workout at home” routines are here to stay. 

I believe In making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

I'm also a realist and I know life happens and you won’t always be able to physically make it to the gym. Here are a few workout at home options that I offer.   


You can now workout with me ANYTIME and ANYPLACE with me on the FITNER app. When you sign up, you get a week on my channel for FREE, after that, it’s just $10 a month. I post new workouts every Tuesday and Thursday with complete reps, sets and video demonstrations provided. You will also get some of my favorite nutrition tips and recipes.

My goal with this channel is to deliver quality content with easy accessible workouts that can be done from ANYWHERE. This platform is all about YOU so if you let me know what you want, I promise I will make it my number one priority to deliver.

YouTube Videos

If you are looking for ways to add new workouts or quick effective routines that can be done from anywhere, check out my Youtube channel. I upload videos and playlists of specific exercises for you to try out. BONUS: most of my videos have great songs for you to jam out to as you work up a sweat.

Banded Bae Program


This is my most affordable program, at just $9.99. It is available for instant download, and comes with:

  • 4 weeks of two (2) suggested total body workouts to follow
  • Specific instruction on how to approach the program
  • Specific weight, reps, and sets for each exercise
  • Detailed links to videos of exercises

What is your take on the future of the fitness industry? What changes have you guys witnessed in the last decade or so? Are you taking to virtual workouts yet? I’d love to hear your feedback. Share your thoughts with me below.