Some studies show that it can take, at minimum, the length of a full-term pregnancy to get a new mom's body back to its pre-pregnancy size and shape. That is a LONG time, especially considering you just carried your baby for 9 long months.

But have no fear, there are some simple ways that you can start the weight loss process after you have given birth. Here I share my tips of what to expect and what to do to lose weight postpartum.

Expect to: Sleep Less

Our bodies metabolize calories when we sleep. When you are a new parent, it’s no secret that your sleep will be disturbed. This is something that is unavoidable due to your newborn’s needs. To help keep your body in check, you can try to avoid caffeine, skipping meals, not staying hydrated and physical overexertion in the first weeks after giving birth. You shouldn't be working out or doing anything to add stress to the body inside 4 weeks of gov by birth.

What to do: Eat Well

Nutrition is vital when you are pregnant or have just given birth. If you are breast feeding, everything you eat goes to the baby. Your body actually adapts to feed your baby. Nuts, avocados, lentils, lean proteins, vegetables and whole grains are all great great to boost your energy and help level out your hormones. Many moms skip meals or “forget” to eat due to their new schedule so I would recommend setting alarms on your phone to remind you to drink more water and eat lunch to keep your mind and body in check.

Expect to: Be Patient

Don’t beat yourself up about your weight after having your baby. Know that everyone and everybody is different. First, you should check with your doctor to see when you can begin exercising again but more importantly listen to your body. The typical recommended time to wait after a natural birth is four weeks and at least six weeks after a cesarean section. Make sure you get the OK from your doctor before you start and tune into your own body to make sure you're physically up for it. Start slow!

What to do: Set Realistic Goals

Try to set realistic goals when it comes to your weight loss. A goal of losing one pound a week is a realistic goal that you can achieve. By setting achievable goals, it will prevent you from getting discouraged and help you reach your pre baby weight in a safe and effective way.

What to do: Workout Correctly   

Jumping back into your fitness routine can be tricky. Your body just birthed a human, it is different now! Incorporating core work into every gym session in vital to regaining strength. Doing too much too fast can lead to complications. Once you are approved by your doctor and ready to start working out, consult with a professional.