Finding a reverse dieting plan that works is hard.

I help you set a reverse dieting plan that works for your fitness needs and level. Together we set weekly goals, I educate you on how to calculate your calories and macros and suggest a workout strategy to match your diet.

What is reverse dieting?

Reverse dieting simply refers to slowly adding in additional carbohydrates and fats into your intake over a period of time with the goal of improving your metabolic capacity. If we don’t properly reverse diet after weight loss, we have the potential of putting the weight we lost back on, plus more.

Who is reverse dieting for?

  • Athletes who participated in a fitness competition; such as a bikini competition, bodybuilding competition or a figure competition.

  • Anyone who struggles to lose weight due to an extreme diet.

  • Athletes who have seen no change in their bodies no matter how much they change up programming or workouts in the gym.

  • Anyone who is looking for a reverse diet meal plan to track your macros.

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