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Amanda brings professionalism and enthusiasm to her work as a personal trainer. She keeps up with what is new in the field and adapts it well to her clients’ abilities and preferences. She’s fun but ernest and doesn’t let you get away with not working as you need to to get to the level of fitness you wish to achieve. She is articulate in explaining exercises and how to do them properly. She also is well versed in nutrition and can help her clients to eat properly too.
— Cathy S
I have been working with Amanda for about two years and she has made a huge difference on my efficiency in my workouts at the gym. Prior to Amanda I had a few trainers who basically just did the same thing each time we met. When I started with Amanda she immediately let me know where I am in my physical fitness with an evaluation, then through full body workouts and frequent measuring progress. I have never had a trainer that can give such a hard workout while making it fun. Choosing the right trainer can make all the difference in the world, it can mean the difference between success or failure. She has without question been a huge factor in me reaching my goals. She takes a real interest in you making yourself the best you can be.
— David W
I have been working out for more than 15 years and I can confidently say Amanda Edell is definitely in a class of her own. She has a remarkable eye for detail, and in just one session quickly identified various tightness and compensations I had going on throughout my body that other trainers had missed for years. Amanda does frequent evaluations every six to eight weeks while changing up our exercise routine. Working with Amanda has taken me to a fitness level I never dreamed I could achieve.
— Jenn D

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