Being pregnant is such an amazing and exciting time in a woman’s life!

Luckily, it does not mean your fitness routine needs to suffer or stop.

Working out while pregnant is shown to have positive health effects on mom and baby.

The rule of thumb for a woman who is carrying is that they shouldn’t begin any new exercise routine that she was not doing prior. Other then that, all is fair game When it comes to training expecting mommies, I am certified and have worked with over a dozen of pregnant clients in the past. I have dealt with high-risk pregnancies, clients just starting out in their first trimester to clients in their third. I have worked with some up until the week before they gave birth! I have experience with aqua aerobics for pre-natal moms and have trained clients in a pool-based environment using body weight resistance training as well as stretching and soothing breathing techniques.

I understand that each pregnancy is personal and individual. When you get pregnant there is no reason to let your fitness plummet. You can be rest assured that if you are under my watch, your fitness levels will be maintained for all nine months of your pregnancy and there after. I am aware of the changes that are going on in your body and I’m well informed on how to handle all of them. I will take you through a well-devised, safe workout routine that will focus on the pelvic floor, your core, specific breathing techniques and stretching.

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