I tailor all my online training programs to fit your individual needs, skill level and schedule.  

What you expect when you sign up for my online training

I start with an INITIAL ASSESSMENT. Let’s get on the phone or video chat to discuss:

  • Your specific fitness goals.
  • Your health history and physical capabilities.
  • Tell me about your lifestyle, so we can create a plan that makes sense for you personally.
  • Let’s review and record your measurements so we can ensure progress.

Once we virtually connect, I will give you a PERSONALIZED FITNESS PLAN that includes:

  • Specific strength exercises for you to do. These will increase, change and get harder as weeks go on.
  • Specific cardio program based on your goals and fitness level.
  • Specific time and reps expectations of each exercise for you to hit your fitness goals.
  • Log sheets for you to record each workout.

Diet is SO important in fitness. I give you a PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PLAN packed with:

  • Suggested and recommended sample meal plans based on foods you enjoy.
  • Meal frequency that fits your lifestyle – whether that is two or six meals per day.
  • Optimal macronutrient recommendations for your body and goals.
  • Supplement guidance support if needed

MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY to keep you on track and ensure you're hitting your fitness goals.

  • Unlimited access to me via email, texts, phone calls or scheduled video chats.  
  • Bi-weekly updates, monthly new workouts, new diet options, form analysis and measurement check-ins.
  • Log sheets for you to easily track your diet and training efforts, which I will review and give feedback on (weight training and cardio). 
  • Program restructuring as you develop your workout and start seeing positive changes in your body.

Are you looking for general information, or just have a question? Fill out form below and I will be in touch soon. 

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