Banded Bae Program

Everyone wants to feel confident in a bikini, or swimsuit, but it's not about being a size zero to look and feel good! Looking good and having confidence in how you look comes in all shapes and sizes. You know what the best accessory a woman can wear is? CONFIDENCE. There is no such thing as the perfect bikini beach body. What you are rocking, despite what shape or size your clothes say, is perfect and beautiful! What matters most? How you feel and therefore what kind of energy you are putting out there.

Need an Affordable Strength Training Program but don’t have access to a gym? Try my under $10 program, The Banded Bae. This workout can be done from ANYWHERE- as long as you have some resistance bands.  

If you are looking for tips on how to feel good at the beach, I would recommend working out 4-5x a week and eating healthy consistently. What does that mean? No diets, cleanses or short term fixes. Nope. Instead, focus on building sustainable healthy habits you can do for the rest of your life. You should not be living a restrictive life that you feel like you can’t go out and be social like a normal human being with the rest of your friends. It takes practice, patience and consistency but you can attain the body you want in due time if you follow these ideologies.  

Here I share a few new exercises for you to try or to add to your current regimen. 

Weighted Core Exercises

Core training doesn't have to be limited to crunches and planks! If you want to take it a step further, try adding these exercises into your training routine and enjoy the rewards.
Trainer Tip: Make sure you practice the fundamentals like the basic planks and side planks before jumping into these bad boys. Yes, they are fun and look cool. But always master the basics before getting fancy. 😉💪🏽

Wall Dead Bug

One of the most basic looking but challenging exercises you can do to strengthen your core? The wall-dead bug! A few things to keep in mind when doing it:

🔹Keep your lower back flat against the floor & keep your abdominal muscles tight.

🔹Make sure you are pressing hard against the wall with your hands. 🔹Breathe out as you lower your legs or as you keep them up in a table top position.

🔹Focus on the exhale when breathing. If the exercise feels too easy, try elongating your exhale! If you're shaking, then you're doing it right. 😉

Banded Booty Moves

Grab a long stretchy band and try these three glute exercises to add resistance without actual weights:

🔹Romanian deadlift

🔹Sumo Squat

🔹Monster walks

Barbell Complex

This density workout is guaranteed to get the heart rate up while torching a good amount of calories.

What you'll need: Either a pair of dumbbells or a weighted bar.

🔹Make sure you master each of these moves before combining them all together in this circuit.

🔹Choose a weight that is light enough so your form is never compromised.

🔹Set a timer for 20 minutes. Repeat each exercise for about 10-15 reps. Keep moving through them and repeating the circuit until that 20 minutes is up.

How do you guys switch things up from your routine?  Let me know cause I'm always looking for fun new ways to challenge myself. Remember, always have FUN!