Maintaining a healthy mind and body when pregnant is crucial to ensuring overall health of yourself and your baby. During the first and second trimester of pregnancy you are dealing with many changes to your body, and exercise may seem like a task you just can’t achieve. But it does not have to be.

I’m sure you hear about power moms who continue a regular exercise routine throughout their entire pregnancy. Beyonce for example, has been seen attending classes everyday at SoulCycle, Kim Kardashian stepped up her game with her second pregnancy and hired a personal trainer and Massy Arias was able to tone her body back to her pre-pregnancy weight just 9 weeks after giving birth!

While these rigorous exercise routines may work for some, I simply say the most important thing to do once you get the clearance from your doctor when you are pregnant is to get up and move. This could range from a simple walk around your block or something more like a stretching session like yoga or pilates.  

The benefits of exercising while pregnant are endless, and here I highlight my top four reasons for you to get up and move while pregnant.

1.  You lower your gestational diabetes risk

Typically during pregnancy you will gain weight, and it may not all be baby weight. Having high blood sugar can increase your risk for developing type 11 diabetes and raises the odds of preterm delivery or having an overweight baby. Simply moving during your pregnancy have been found to keep your blood pressure from rising.

2.  Labor and delivery may be easier on your body

If your body has a strong cardiovascular system you will have better stamina to endure the hardships, and long hours, of delivering your newborn.

3. You will feel better through your pregnancy

Getting up and moving will increase your energy levels, improve your mood and even leave you less constipated.

4. You will bounce back quicker to your pre-baby weight after giving birth

Whether you deliver your baby normally or via a cesarean section, when you workout throughout your pregnancy it is proven that afterwards the rate in which you lose the baby weight and overall feeling like your “old” self again happens quicker if you workout throughout your pregnancy. Working out during your pregnancy is also proven to help ward off the post baby blues.