Are your pressed for time and don’t have a lot of time to workout? Not to worry, you can still break a sweat at home. No gym equipment? I got you covered! The moves below can be done with your body weight in just 20 minutes.

First thing you want to do is set a timer for 20 minutes

You’re going to do each exercise for ten repetitions. If it’s a single leg or single arm exercise, you do each arm/leg ten times. You go through each exercise not stopping until the 20 minutes is up. Record the number of times you run through the entire workout. Next week try to finish at least one more round. This kind of training is called a density training and the idea is that, yes, it can be a form of strength training as your body weight may be more than enough for you depending on your fitness level.

However, if you are an experienced gym-goer your body weight may not be enough to challenge you alone. That is why you repeat the workout with no rest.  It becomes almost more cardio focused which is great-especially if you’re an avid “heavy lifter.” The change of pace will probably be good for you.

Here are 10 Easy At Home Workouts Without Weights:

In this video I show you exactly how to do each move.

Sumo Squat

Reverse lunges (Not alternating)

Forward/Backward bunny hops



Up/down plank

Mountain climbers

Scissor kicks

(optional) Hand-stand hold (30 seconds)