Summer is finally heating up! The shorts are on and we take our activities outside. With the pool parties and BBQs coming up, it can be a challenge to stay in shape. Here I share some of my favorite weight loss tips to help you stay shredded this summer.

Start and end the day with a walk

Or just any kind of movement. 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning and a brisk walk at night can go a long way with setting the tone for the day and helping you to unwind at night. Invite your partner, roommate or family members to join you.

Implement the ¾ rule at parties

When you are at a party or BBQ, fill your plate only ¾ full. With the rich food you may be eating, this will help keep your portions in check. Always try to opt for the protein choices and veggies first. If there are snacks lying around, try to find the veggie plate first, or pour yourself a glass of wine to sip on, rather than eating two portions of the chips and dip. Having one glass of wine in this case would be the better choice than filling up on chips, pretzels or other bbq snacks.  

Be smart about your alcohol intake

Drinking sugary drinks and beer is one of the fastest ways you can gain weight. In the summer you can lose track of what you drink, and may end up drinking all your calories. When you are out drinking, take note of what mixers you are adding. Try a white wine spritzer, alcohol with no mixer or light beer. I opt for tequila on the rocks and sip it slowly. Whenever possible, skip the sugary drinks and stick to the hard liquor, and drink water between each drink.

Food Prep

I am such a believer in preparing your food for the week in advance. It allows you to make healthy food options, even when you are in a rush. Check out my food prep tips here. If you know you will be having a wild weekend at a friends bbq or birthday boozy brunch, try to hold yourself accountable the days leading up before so you can enjoy yourself. Life is all about balance!

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