SELF LOVE is the greatest middle finger of all time. In a society that profits from your self-doubt; loving yourself is considered a rebellious act.

It makes me sad to see a woman afraid to be by herself. And when I say by herself, I mean “single” as a chosen status.

We live in a society where young girls are told and expected to grow up, marry and have children. And if that doesn’t happen? The woman is automatically categorized as damaged, broken, promiscuous, unstable, infertile, not “wifey” material, etc.

Ummm...I call BULLSHIT!

No human should need another human to feel complete or whole. Especially as a woman, choosing to be alone should not automatically lump her into a category of being damaged or not worthy of love.  

It is so important to focus on yourself and to learn to love yourself first and foremost. In school, we are not taught this as children. Young girls are taught the opposite- to seek a husband or partner, marry and have children. Rarely do you hear about adults teaching children about the importance of self-love and what that actually means?

Don’t get me wrong, relationships can be beautiful & love does make the world go round. However, I believe relationships work when individuals come together as INDIVIDUALS. Not as two people (or one) looking for another person to “complete” them. Co-dependence is a recipe for disaster.

Divorce rates are over 50% in this country. There has to be a reason for this. If we actively work to change the way we look at ourselves and the idea of being single, maybe that can help from preventing people from rushing into the wrong relationship.

Why must a person be assumed to only be happy when they are coupled up with another individual?

Simply said, I don’t believe another individual should be the determining factor of OUR own happiness. Anyone can CHOOSE to be single and still be successful AND happy. However, this will only deem to be true when self-love is present.

One way we can all work to combat the double standard that exists between single men and women? By raising our children to be self-sufficient and empowering them. Also, by not beating certain stereotypes into their heads based solely on their gender alone.

By raising our children without expectations of who they SHOULD be & how they should live their lives based off of societies “norms” or standards.

This will lead to fewer judgments and more compassion and understanding. And always with love.

So next time you feel down, just chill for a second & remember that YOU are enough all by your wonderful, sexy self. You don’t need anyone to be “whole” or to be deemed “worthy.” When self-love is present, you become unstoppable.

Leave me a comment below about how YOU practice self-love.