Reality check: Most people at some point in their lives suffer or will suffer from lower back pain.

The fact of the matter is most of us sit for extended periods of time with poor posture. Whether it’s at work or school, sitting is difficult to avoid in this day and age.

Luckily, there are certain things we can do to combat lower back pain and prevent it from becoming a chronic issue.

Besides stretching and making sure you are standing up to walk around every hour, there is a small roller, called the “RAD Roller” which acts as sort of a self-massage tool.

The rad roller is great for several reasons, for one, it’s small so can easily fit into your desk and not distract anyone during work hours.

It also comfortably fits between the shoulder blades to relieve tension in the upper and lower back and helps to release movement in the ribcage, which can result in improved breathing throughout the day. Yes, we love that.

You can find the Rad Roller here HERE. Be sure to use code “EDELL” at checkout to receive 15% off.

When used regularly, the RAD Roller can create effective, long-lasting results by improving posture and lengthening muscles throughout the back, which in turn can and will help prevent lower back pain.

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