There are certain things I do on a regular basis that may not align with my traditional beliefs. They may not be seen as traditionally healthy or good for me, but nonetheless, I do not see myself giving them up.


Because, to be honest, they make me happy.

They really do. And despite me maybe knowing better, I also know that no one is perfect. In my mind, these are the things that I can’t/don’t want to give up because they genuinely make me a happier human.

Life is about balance and finding yours in imperative in order to maintain your own happiness.

Alright- peep my 10 non-negotiables.

Cream in my coffee

Not skim, not 1%, CREAM. It’s a no go without it.

CBD oils & such.

The cannabinol effects of CBD oils are known to relax people & improve muscle tension while decreasing stress. Such other natural plants, herbs & flowers can be helpful as well to reducing anxiety & even help to decrease DOMS. (Delayed onset of muscle soreness.)


I will never give up chocolate.


My minimal requirement for maximum happiness? 3 to 5 times a week.

Steaming the shit out of my bathroom when taking a shower

My future partner will hate me for this as I’ve found over the years, steaming up your small bathroom consistently will destroy any paint on walls, but hey, I don’t own my apartment and don’t have any partners so until then, YOLO. I’m steaming away biiiitch.

My microfiber towels I use to scrunch my curls

They look like dirty old dishrags but are essential to create the perfect curl.

The various oils I use as my personal perfume

I use a number of scented oils like Egyptian musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Maybe a drop of this. a splash of that. Tbh, i mix a lot of oils (which can be annoying as I need to get them from different vendors), BUT it’s a non negotiable for me. Scent is a personal thing & I take pride in mine.

The huge gallon of coconut oil in the bathroom

I haven’t used lotion in years. Coconut oil- for everything. Everywhere. You’re welcome.

Not putting the cap back on my toothpaste

Not that this makes me happy, but I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember and it’s more of a heads up to any of my potential partners in the future- do not expect me to change this. I literally am incapable of replacing the toothpaste cap on top of the tube. Forgive me Darling. I love you.

No TV in the bedroom

Period. To be honest, I haven’t owned a TV in eight years I think.

Sure, I could be down to get one, but you’ll be the one hooking it up and it will NOT be in the bedroom.

The amount of base needed when I listen to all my music

If you know me you know that music is very important to me and I may be known to be what others would call a “music snob” - which I would gladly accept as a compliment even if it’s a back handed one.

What I listen to is very important to me but honestly how I listen to it as equally as important.

If you know me then you know that when it comes to my music, I’ve got to be able to feel that shit. Base and adequate speakers is a must in my home.