When it comes strengthening our core, it’s important we train all the various planes in the core as a whole. The “core” itself is a vague term thrown around often, but what people usually mean when they refer to it is actually all the areas on the body of the midsection.

The three main planes to consider in ALL training are the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes.

how to workout my obliques_.png

If you’re someone going for that “6-pack”, training your abs in a thorough way by hitting all the different areas in your mid section by working in these various planes, (not just your front abs, aka as your transverse abdominals), is a MUST.

Today we’re going to focus more on the side of your core, and to hit those you’re going to have to train your obliques which are actually the largest part of your abdominal muscles. The obliques primary function is to laterally twist the spine which in our day to day translates to us being able to twist from side to side.

So if you’re looking for a way to blast your obliques, consider this combo with a foam roller. The roller definitely makes things more challenging so if you’re a beginner, try these moves on the ground without the roller first going for time and when that becomes easy, throw in the foam roller.

Do each of these moves below for 30 seconds each.

  • Alternating side plank w/forearms (all on roller)

  • Side plank w/hip dip w/one foot down

  • Side plank w/arm reach

  • Side plank w/arm raised w/hip dip

  • Side plank w/arm reach w/hip dip and reach

  • Side plank w/weight plate reach