People often ask me how I stay focused on a day to day basis. When it comes to working out, I have certain tasks I do everyday to help me stay centered. These habits are something that I have built into my day to day routine that help me stay on track in the gym, but more importantly in life!

By no means do you have to do the same routine, but in my 15+ years experience of the fitness industry, I have found that by keeping these specific things going on a daily basis, I am able to achieve more and stay focused. Here, I share my top tips for how to stay focused and motivated to lose weight. 

1. Meditation

I learned how to meditate back in 2011. It was a game changer for me. When I meditate, I sit, ideally 2x a day, in a comfortable position while slowing my breathe down simply by repeating my mantra and focusing on that mantra. This “rest” is usually more restful than a nap and helps me stay mentally at the top of my game.

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2. Having a well balanced exercise program

Having a well balanced strength training program does a couple of things. For one, it helps with hitting specific muscle groups while giving your body the appropriate amount of rest in between and it helps with preventing injuries. I always follow some program I make for myself and progress myself weekly. I change up my program every six to eight weeks.

3. Meal prepping

I have tried meal services, I have experimented with different food options but when it comes down to it, prepping my own food is just something I do on a weekly basis to ensure I stay focused and motivated. It is a way I hold myself accountable and control my macros.

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4. Expressing gratitude

My good friends know during their birthdays they are going to get long sappy cards from me because well, that is just me! I’ve always been like this. Expressing gratitude and love to the people we care about in our lives make us happier. It is shown in numerous studies and it does feel damn good to tell the people we love just how special they are to us. This has always made me happy to do. So whether it be through text, on the phone, in a card or in my journal, I  always end the day reflecting on the good things and people that I have in my life.

5. Tracking macros

OK so most people don’t track, and that is OK, and most people think I'm a bit “too much” for tracking everyday (except when on vacation). Tracking my food intake allows me to feel like I am in control. Do I go crazy or not allow myself to eat out? No. When I was doing bodybuilding shows I saw how extreme the lifestyle can be and I decided not long after entering that world it just wasn’t for me. But I really liked the idea of knowing my macros and experimenting with different ways to hit my protein, fat and carbs for the day. When I track and hit my goals, it's a small daily victory knowing I am fueling my body with what it needs. Not only do I physically feel good when i do this but I mentally feel good as well knowing I am fueling my body properly with what it needs.  

What are some ways you guys stay focused in your day to day life? Share with me below.