Ahh expectations. It can be tough going into situations without having expectations sometimes. I get it. I'm guilty sometimes as well. And then I get hurt/disappointed/frustrated. You know what I remind myself of then? A few things:

  1. I try to maintain the mindset of the journey itself being just as important if not MORE than the destination.
  2. It's ALL a learning experience. Everyone in front of me is my TEACHER. I think, what can I learn from this person?
  3. This is nothing but an opportunity for positive change and growth on my end.

So...I think: OK. How can I evolve? How can I make myself BETTER on the daily?

Improvements in our lives don't always have to be fitness related, FYI! Improvements should be happening in other areas of our lives- not only in the physical sense. Fitness is a huge part of my life- but it is not my ENTIRE life. Remember, Balance is key. So happiness to me means not having expectations or becoming stuck in a mindset of the way it SHOULD BE. Cause, for real. Who the F SAYS?  This is YOUR life. This is MY life. Let's live it the way we want and make a conscious decision everyday to be HAPPY! Everyday, I am grateful. And everyday I'm choosing happiness. I hope to inspire y’all.