If there’s one particular piece of advice I can give to anyone entering the personal training field, it’s this: Be adaptable to change.

Things inevitably change. There is a constant fluidity of life which means everything changes. Including our interests, our goals, our values, our belief systems, where we live, our families, our social circle...everything changes!

I read somewhere once that if something is not changing, then it might as well be dead. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. I try to always anticipate change and view it as a positive opportunity rather than a negative obstacle. Mindset is everything.

If there’s one thing that I’m certain of it’s that change will occur in almost every aspect of our lives. Change is healthy and normal.

As a personal trainer, you should always be open to learning new ways to master your craft. Don’t be one of those trainers who get stuck in a particular decade training one way, always doing the same exercises the same exact way because once upon a time it worked for you and your clients. WHY? Because people change! Your clients' goals, injuries, and lifestyle will evolve over time, and it's important to grow with them.

As a coach, you must know how to handle these changes with your clients in order to cater to their specific goals while keeping them safe and allowing them to reach their desired fitness goals. You need to be able to adapt when a wrench gets thrown at your windshield.

So don’t become complacent. DON’T SLEEP ON YOURSELF!

In order to succeed in this industry, just like everything else in this world, you need to constantly be evolving, learning and growing. New studies are done every day and a previous train of thought can be disproven, or a new improved way to achieve a goal can be proven to work better.

Stay up on your news, master your craft and don’t stop there. Just because you know something today doesn’t mean it will still be relevant tomorrow. I’m not saying to jump around from one ridiculous fitness fad to the next. Use your common sense. Be confident but stay humble. Question everything and continue to explore every day. Don’t shoot new ideas down just because they scare you or make you uncomfortable.

My biggest advice is to always adapt and be open to change. When we can anticipate and look forward to these changes, we’ll be able to stay relevant while catering to our clients and getting them the results they deserve.