Whether you’re traveling on vacation or for work, it’s inevitable while you’re away that you’ll go off your regular “diet”.

You’ll slip up and drink too much wine. Or eat too many carbs. You might now hit your protein targets or you’ll splurge on those cookies your boss brought or eat all the french fries your kids left on their plates. Unless you bring a small cooler or fridge with you, you’re going to have to improvise the best you can for most meals.

The good news? It’s possible to go away, still enjoy yourself and not gain weight. The secret is in picking and choosing your battles.

If you prepare just enough by bringing some healthy snacks with you, you can maintain your hunger throughout the day and make it possible to save room to enjoy that wine at dinner or the fries with your kids without feeling guilty about it.

Below I highlight some of my favorite healthy on-the-go snacks you can consider bringing with you while traveling to save yourself from over doing it.

  • Quest bars: cookie dough is my favorite.

  • OWYN pre-made protein shake: Smooth vanilla is my jam.

  • OWYN protein bars: These bars a bit higher in fats and lower in protein BUT they are tasty, vegan and all natural. They are especially a great alternative to quest bars if you are looking to go more of a natural route.

  • Iced coffee with a scoop of protein powder: look into getting a shaker you can bring with you while traveling- something that will mix the coffee with the protein powder. You can bring the protein powder with you in little zip lock bags and mix the powder with coffee or water in the AM to get a great dose of protein in with little carbs and fats. The powder I like is OWYN or ancient nutrition bone broth protein powder.

  • A banana or a Justin's almond butter packet.

  • Hard boiled eggs with mustard: lots of grocery stores carry these unshelled and ready to eat so if you have the time to stop at a store to pick them up, this is a great healthy low carb and high protein option.

  • Apple with almond butter: Any almond butter or peanut butter that’s unsweetened would work well here.

  • String cheese and an apple.

  • Powerful oatmeal.

  • Greek yogurt and a banana: I like Chobani, Siggi’s or Fage yogurt 0%-2%. I would just skip the fruit on the bottom and opt to add in your own piece of whole fruit.

So remember, traveling doesn’t have to be stressful and it shouldn’t be. If you take the time to plan ahead just a little, your stress and worry about diet can be completely minimized.