With Summer ending, it can be easy to allow yourself to become more relaxed and miss your training sessions at the gym.

Mixing up your program and throwing some Plyometrics, or "Plyos" into your routine just might do the trick. Plyos are used in programs to help increase speed, stamina and endurance by challenging our fast twitch muscle fibers. PLUS, they aid in fat loss by helping to build strength. Plyos are also a great alternative if you are someone who hates traditional cardio.

Here I show you five fun exercises for you to try. Aim to do 10-15 repetitions of each, with minimal rest between each set. You should be performing them at a high intensity with a low rest times.

1. TRX Twist to Row

2. MB Slams

3. Battling Ropes

4. Band Resistant Wind Sprints

5. Box Jumps

Check out the full video here for a breakdown of each.