Change: The guaranteed constant in ALL our lives.

The funny thing about change is that it’s never easy. But it’s inevitable.

Every time in my life when I think I’ve found a balance or when things are going well- BOOM.

Something shifts. There’s a change.

And once again I’m thrown off kilter and out of my once perceived “safe” comfort zone.
The times in my life when I look back to when I felt the best seem short lived and fleeting because change always ensures.

I used to think this was a bad thing because change often brings with it a lot of unknowns. And this used to scare the shit out of me.  But once I realized that I was fearful of the unknown only because I was afraid of failing, my perception of change changed!

I’ve realized that failure is necessary in order for growth. Because without the failures, we can’t appreciate the successes.

We won’t learn anything new. Which means we won’t evolve or get better.

I say screw that, bring on the changes!

Because with these changes come new challenges. And sometimes, yes, we will fail. But in the process of failing we will grow and potentially find ourselves along the way…

A friend once told me, “If it isn’t growing it’s dead.”

This makes sense. Seasons change. People change. Feelings change. Why expect anything less from ourselves?

I’ve learned to ride the waves of life. I still get cold feet and still have my bad days. But I’ve learned I’m the only person holding ME back by dragging my feet and wanting to stay in my comfort zones. Sure it’s nice, but ain’t shit growing from a comfort zone. We have to learn to take a chance and commit to the change instead of allowing fear to cloud of vision. We have to adjust our mindset to being OK with not knowing what the exact outcome will be.

The first step: trust yourself.

Not having control is a scary thing, but so is stagnation.

What is it about change that scares you the most? I think it’s time we re-write some of these self limiting beliefs we keep telling ourselves...

What do you think of change? Leave me a comment below!