Small changes in your diet can go a long way- especially when it comes to water intake!

Check out my client, Mel. This picture was taken only six weeks apart.

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Mel started my six week training program in March, and by end of April she hit her fitness goal of "wanting to feel confident in a bathing suit" for her vacation.

Together we set a personalized strength training and cardio program where she consistently worked out two times a week. Adding in specific tweaks to her diet, including proper hydration, she was able to achieve this goal in six short weeks!  

By prioritizing her water intake, we found most of her issues were actually stemming from chronic dehydration. Her days were plagued by fatigue and she was suffering from some digestion issues. Once we increased her water goal to three liters of water a day, her energy levels SOARED, her stomach issues almost disappeared, and she was able to make better food choices from being in less of an overall "fog" during the day.

How much water are you drinking a day? Not sure? Monitor it for a day and try doubling it the next. Take note of what differences you feel in your body. Sometimes it's the simple tweaks that go a long way.

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