Recently I decided to take up yoga again. I have taken plenty of yoga and fitness classes in the past, but was never consistent with it. After finding a great deal for new students at The Giving Tree in Astoria, I figured I would go for it. I bought a 10 class pack, which had to be used in one month. I made a goal that I would attend at least 2 classes a week.

Here are the changes that I noticed with my body, after just those 10 sessions.

My neck stopped hurting

One reason why I wanted to get back into yoga was because I was waking up to a stiff neck almost every morning. After about two yoga classes my neck was feeling much better.

I “Mastered” the Crow Pose

Ok, maybe “master” is a bit of an over statement. But I am able to get into a proper crow pose, which is something I never thought I could do. My goal next is to “master” a handstand.

I Challenged Myself

I try to take each pose as far as is comfortable for my body. Yoga has so many variations of poses, which allows you to challenge yourself and see how far you can take them.

Each Class I set a Mantra

Chakra Yoga classes at The Giving Tree are my favorite! Each class the teacher tells us about a specific Chakra we will focus on.

Learn about the different Chakras! via Yoga Basics

We then take a moment to set a personal mantra, relating to that chakra, to think about and practice throughout class. I take this mantra with me and practice it outside of yoga class.

Some Poses Make me Smile

Yoga is all about having a fun with your self. When I am in a tough pose, I try to smile through it, focus on my breath and the music and remember my mantra. This helps me stay in the pose, and enjoy it.