It can be difficult to stay motivated to hit the gym throughout the year. One trick I use, is getting some new workout attire! New workout attire give you motivation, and serves as a reward for accomplishing fitness goals. Besides- what's more motivating on leg day than sporting some fresh new gym gear?

Below are my top 5 favorite brands to rock while getting hot & sweaty.

1. Michi NY

Michi has a style which embodies edgy, sophisticated, sexy and athletic all in one. You can rock their pieces not only in the gym, but also while running errands, picking the kids up from school or food shopping without hesitation. And you’d look good as hell doing it all. I’ve even worn some of their pants AND a couple of shirts out, OUT. They are my personal go-to brand and I'm always excited to see their new season collections. I think they're one of the newest trendsetters in the fitness fashion market.

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2. Altar Ego

I love this all woman run yoga apparel line because not only are their leggings SUPER comfy and dry quickly, (ideal for hot yoga) their pieces are heavily influenced by 1800 French art paintings. There's some DOPE art literally printed on their leggings. It's pretty sick! Their newer collections focus on henna art, modern ink tattoos and ancient body painting. Altar Ego believes like art, women are more than what meets the eye. Their clothing embodies this which makes their pieces really stand out.

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3. Forever 21

When it comes to getting some new affordable, CUTE basics, Forever 21 has continued to surprise me with their fitness line. They keep up with the latest fashion trends and make it affordable to walk out with a couple new outfits while not breaking your bank. Talk about a guiltless pleasure.

4. Lululemon

When it comes to quality- Lululemon really runs it. I can’t say I have workout pants and shirts that have lasted me close to a decade by any other company. The catch? Their stuff washes so well! Most of their pieces will run you well over $150 BUT I can testify that you may very well have them forever. (Not sure if this is a good thing or not when it comes to gym clothes). With all my experience and owned workout attire, LuLu still has some of the best made stuff on the market to date.

5. Koral

Koral is one of the newer fitness fashion lines and I have to say- I absolutely love their stuff. Koral keeps it simple but still manages to find a way to make you stand out from the crowd. Their bold but tasteful pieces can be interpreted as fashion forward. The brand maintains a level of flattery and elegance all the while making you look, cool, sleek and sexy AF. Check out Koral here.

Accomplishing your fitness goals should have some reward! I mean, that's my vote at least. If it just so happens that reward is to buy more gym clothes which may result in you, well, “gyming” more- well, is that really so terrible?