Wedding season is upon us, so there is no time like the present to get your body wedding ready. Your big day is one of the most important days of your life and the pictures will last a lifetime. Here I share a few simple ways that you can get 'picture perfect' for your big day.

Avoid Booze, Reduce Your Sodium and Dairy Intake

In a recent post, we shared a few tips on how to lose weight quickly. Alcohol is full or calories and causes water retention. Dairy and sodium is full of salts and causes bloating. If you only have a few weeks to get wedding ready, these items are the first I would cut from my diet.  

Increase Your Cardio Routine!

Cardio is a great overall exercise and can lead to fast weight loss. Start running a few miles before or after work. Try some hill sprints. Take your partner with you! Couples that play together stay together! This can be a great time to destress together. See my blog on ways you can improve your run here.

Practice that Picture Perfect Pose

You want to look your best in your wedding pictures, and there are some tricks on ways to pose.

  • Angle your body - turn to a ⅔ angle so your body will appear slimmer. Keep your shoulders down and your chest up.
  • Check your footing - don’t keep your feet straight forward, angle one foot about 90 degrees from the other. This will make you appear less stiff and more comfortable.
  • Find a place for your hands - either put your hands on your hip, or your partner or keep them moving. You don’t want to have your hands just lying at your side.

Last but not least, smile. This should be the happiest day of your life so take it all in and enjoy yourself!