This month, I am offering FREE online training every Friday on my Facebook. I am sharing my ‘Top 5 Favorite Workouts” and teaching you how to do them LIVE on Facebook. With the Olympics buzz stirring, I wanted to share my Top 5 Favorite Olympic Athletes with you.

Katie Ledecky

I mean WOW. Have you seen her swim? She is so much faster than her opponents it looks like she is alone in the pool. This year she is taking home four Gold medals + one Silver and she broke a World Record, previously set by her.

Emma Coburn

Emma earned a bronze medal in the 3000 meters steeplechase race. For everyone who may not know, a steeplechase is about a two mile run with hurdles and water jumps for you to jump over as you run. As a runner, this is a pretty bad ass race! She actually set an American record for finishing 12th in the 2016 Olympics.

Simone Biles

At just 4’8, Simone made quite a show at her first Olympics winning three Gold medals and one Bronze at the 2016 Games. She also made history as the first U.S woman to win a Gold on the vault. She’s a BOSS.

Michael Phelps

Michael is going down as one of the best Olympians of all time. This year he won five gold medals and one silver; making his total GOLD record count to 33. He also is a strong believer in the ancient traditional therapy of “cupping”, leaving us all wanting to try it.

Simone Manuel

Another Simone, another record. Simone Manuel tied for gold, making her the first African-American woman to win an individual swimming medal.

It means a lot [to be the first black woman to earn gold in the pool]," Manuel said after the race. "I mean, this medal is not just for me. It's for a whole bunch of people that came before me and have been an inspiration to me. Maritza [Correia], Cullen [Jones], and it's for all the people after me, who believe they can't do it. And I just want to be inspiration to others that you can do it.

Whenever your trainings get hard, just think of how much these Olympics athletes have to train to get where they are. Join me this Friday on Facebook for a LIVE online training session! These Olympic Gold Medalists will be our inspiration!