When I entered my first bodybuilding competition, I didn’t know what to expect. I decided to enter the bikini bodybuilding sector, where you are judged on your muscular balance and overall appearance. At first, I did my competition preparation all wrong! I found myself using supplements and dehydrating myself. This left me feeling fatigued and overall very drained. I was seeing the results I wanted but at the expense of my health. Wasn’t I supposed to be a representation of a healthy image? I definitely wasn’t feeling that way.

I learned that it’s best to do preparation on your own terms, and to do it the natural and healthy way. In order to be successful in your competition, you have to be confident with yourself and your package. Even if you don’t place, the key to success is about doing it for yourself. Here I share the competition preparation lessons I learned, and my six best practices for competition preparation success.      


I always say, “You can’t out train a bad diet.”. I used a food scale, tracked all my food and almost always cooked a home.


Posing in a bikini competition is extremely important. On my second competition I used a coach, and it helped me be more confident and I learned how to showcase my best assets. I 100% suggest you get an outside perspective on your competition posing.


I always tell my clients that it’s important to know what you want to improve and focus on that. I worked out six days a week. Three days working on my upper body, and three days working on my lower body. Programming and progression is key.


Of course working on your cardio helps with your overall fitness appearance. I switched up my cardio work outs between stairs, sprints and rope intervals. I did a mix of high intensity training as well as long slow duration training.


REST, this is probably my favorite one! It’s critical that you get enough sleep to refuel your body. Also in the rest category I suggest you work on your breathing patterns to slow down your mind and use a foam roller to smooth out your tight muscles.     


At any competition you have to show off your body and people literally judge it. It’s very important you have the mental strength to take in any feedback you may not be happy with. The key to competition preparation is that you are doing a competition for yourself first and not just to place.