One of the most challenging things I hear from most clients is getting into a structured workout routine throughout the year. It can take a while and what works for one person may not work for you. Finding your groove in the kitchen and at the gym takes time. That looks different for all of us. Once you do find yourself settled into your routine, the holidays can come along and throw it all off!

Between traveling and being tempted with mom’s homemade (insert delicious meal or dessert here) it can be easy to fall off the gains train and find yourself overindulging with your favorite childhood comfort food and then some. The problem isn't the holidays, it’s letting your guard down and not being able to pick up the momentum of where you left off. That’s where I come in.

So how exactly can my online training program help you stay on track and help you pick back up after?

While you travel:

  • I offer body weight routine workouts that you can do from ANYWHERE- even without access to a gym.

  • I work with each individual on a case by case basis. So you're traveling from Wednesday to Saturday and need to back load your workouts Sunday through Tuesday? Don’t worry- I got you covered. I will go over a total body routine with you that you can do everyday up until the point you leave so you get all your workouts in for the week BEFORE you leave for vacation. #WINNING

  • I discuss strategies to avoid overeating during those holiday dinners.

  • We discuss which food choices are better than others so you are prepared when you sit down at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

  • We discuss the best tactics for when you decide to get boozy.

  • I will still be holding you accountable and will be checking in on you daily.

Most importantly, you will be confident in knowing that you CAN eat the foods that you love at thanksgiving dinner with your family. There is no reason to feel guilty about going off your diet during this time. There are just ways to do so. Why should you avoid things you want to eat?

My job as YOUR coach is to teach you about portion control and as I like to say, picking and choosing your battles. We go over smart strategies when it comes to staying on point with your macros and discuss ways you can still get your workouts in even if you do find yourself traveling away from home for weeks on end. I got your back and always have your covered. You will have unlimited email access to me and will be able to ask me any questions at anytime. You can sort of think of me as your real life Siri. Just don’t ask me if you love me or what the square root of Pi is.

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