What kind of workouts can you expect when you sign up for one of my online programs? Well, that is a question with various answers. Why? Because the one thing I really pride myself on when it comes to being an online coach is the fact that ALL my clients have tailored programs designed specifically for their wants and needs.

There are a few general guidelines I tend to follow for all my clients

These guidelines vary of course depending on the wants and needs of the client, but typically I like to split my workouts up in:

  • Three workouts a week (minimum) doing total body workouts usually consisting of three sets of 10-15 repetitions.

  • Performing the bigger movements in the beginning of the workouts. ( squats, lunges step ups, deadlifts and pull ups, pushups, chest and rowing exercises.) Why? So my clients are the freshest for these big compound lifts which matter the most when it comes to their lifts.

Strength Training Programs Examples

So let’s say "Simone" is a client of mine and she wants to lose weight. She is able to train 3x a week, has access to a gym and has no injuries.

Here is what a routine for Simone may look like: Simone example workout.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I have a new client by the name of "Henry". Henry wants to build muscle, lot’s of it! He is not new to the gym and has no injuries. Henry can dedicate 5 to 6 hours a week to strength training workouts.

Here is what  Henry’s workout may look like. Example of Henry's workout.

So keep in mind these are specific programs for these specific made up people, each having different goals. There are some staple movements I use a lot but not everyone’s program but you can see how different one strength training program may be compared to the next.

When it comes to cardio, what workouts are best for you?

My client "Ava" wants to do cardio to aid in her weight loss goal. Ava likes to run. Luckily, Ava has no injuries. Here is an example of what a cardio workout for Ava may look like:

Goal: 20-25 Minute Interval Run  

Achieved by:

  • Warm up at 5MPH for 5 minutes
  • Run hard for 30 seconds at 8.5 to 10MPH, walk for 1 minute
  • Do this for 6 cycles
  • Cool down at comfortable jog pace 3 to 5 minutes

To progress, each week Ava and I will monitor her speed and we will either increase how fast she runs or add on some more intervals. Ava is thrilled with this because she hates being on the treadmill longer than 30 minutes. High intensity intervals are best to lose fat because of the higher amount of EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption) which is how many calories you continue to burn after the workout.

The last person we are going to discuss is "Lenard". Lenard is training for a half marathon. He is a runner with no injuries and is looking to get his PB in his next race.

Here is a six week snippet of Lenards 12-week training program: Lenards Half marathon training program.

I hope these examples serve you well and help you understand why each program is so differently from the next.