There are so many avenues you can go when trying to lose weight. It’s no question that having a personal trainer on your side is simply the most effective. They are able to access your fitness goals and devise a fitness plan specifically geared towards you; packed with workouts to try, foods to eat and avoid.

However, it can be too expensive to have one-on-one training sessions, schedules can conflict, or you haven’t bought into the whole “personal trainer”. That is where online fitness training becomes so relevant. Here I highlight what you can expect from a 12 week online personal training program.

An initial conversation

Here is where you get to know your trainer, via a phone or video chat. This allows you to spill your fitness history and goals.

A fitness program specific to you

I create a customized strength training and cardio program for you. This includes how to do specific workouts and how often you should be doing them. Together we track your workouts, and I give you new exercises to try every four weeks for maximum results.

Eat this not that Suggestions

60% of your fitness results come from eating habits. I prepare you with food recommendations tailored to help you reach your fitness goals. These include suggestive meal plans, snack ideas, food prep techniques, how to eat when you go to a restaurant and what to buy and avoid at the grocery store.

Supplementation list

Sounds scary, I know!! But vitamins, minerals and protein powders can help you reach your fitness goals and lead you to a better lifestyle.

Accountability and Motivation

If you have a question, comment or concern, you can reach me via text, email, phone call, social media - I always respond ASAP. I am basically your fitness Google that already knows how you can achieve your fitness goals and provide actionable steps to get you there.