six week online training program

It takes roughly 6 weeks of exercise and clean eating for you to start noticing a change in your body.  

Miracles don't happen over night. We know that. 

My 6-week program is designed for:

  • The motivated individual who may need a break from their normal routine
  • The Athlete who needs a final push leading up to their competition or race day
  • New moms in need of some direction, pre or post baby 
  • Someone totally new to fitness and wanting to know where to start

What to expect from my 6 week online training program

A personalized strength training and cardio program

With the information you provide during the assessment and having your fitness goals in mind, I create a specific strength training and cardio program for you to follow. This program will change every 3 weeks. 

 Grocery check lists and healthy meal ideas  

A part of this journey (more then 60% of it actually) will be your eating habits. I offer healthy food lists,  snack ideas, and other food prep techniques specific to you and your goals.

Weekly motivation and accountability check-ins

Via a google doc, we monitor your progress week to week; measuring your individual exercises, reps, weight and other important benchmarks. You can expect to hear from me on average about 1x a week. 


total Program cost is $399. THAT'S less than $67 a week 


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